When it comes to colleges and universities, these are designed to generally operate under specific schedules, as the academic calendar itself is full of all kinds of seasonal breaks and holiday observations.

Whenever students end up going on break for either of these reasons, these locations will typically implement limited closures of facilities within them, such as gyms and residence halls. While this will depend on the actual school, the general expectation is that students will remain off-campus; however, this is something that is not always done, which can cause all kinds of vulnerabilities to be exploited thanks to the lack of access control systems.

Many of the most common security issues involving these buildings end up taking place during the summer, as many colleges will make the decision to repurpose many of their facilities and residence halls for non-academic members of the public, such as individuals who are not actual students of the college. Unfortunately, guests who stay on campus, as well as sports camps and conference attendants, will more than likely accidentally trespass into areas where they aren’t actually supposed to be. On the other hand, by utilizing access control systems, can help to prevent this, as for instance, visitors who have access to residence halls will only be limited to accessing that specific area.

In terms of year-round scheduling, on the other hand, colleges will be able to use access control in order to restrict access to multiple locations from one single place. This can also include scheduling a single-use temporary access for anyone who will be visiting the campus for only a day, including maintenance and construction crews. All in all, access control is designed to offer campus facility managers the proper amount of assurance that the building and everything within it won’t be misused by uncommon visitors.



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