Thanks to the overall emergence of all kinds of brand new technology, the security industry is starting to evolve rather quickly as a result. Now that the year 2021 is in full swing, there are many different and new trends that are looking to help shape the future of physical security itself. By taking the time to identify these trends in terms of access control, we will be able to successfully prepare to meet all of the necessary needs of both end-users and businesses.

Here are three of the best access control trends to keep an eye out for in 2021.

*First and foremost, perhaps one of the best access control trends to watch for in 2021 is multi-factor authentication. Thanks to the increase of security threats, this has also resulted in the overall need of a much more secure method to authenticate users. This is where multi-factor authentication comes into play, which is something that, generally defined, requires the authorization of multiple credentials in order to obtain access to a specific area. For example, a single employee could be required to use both a pin number and their mobile credentials before they can officially enter a building. Other similar credentials that could be required include SMS text, video intercom, email pin, fingerprint identification, and more. This type of trend is something that has actually been increasing in popularity over the past few years and is also expected to become much more common throughout this year and beyond.

*Another of the best access control trends to watch for in 2021 is mobile access control. According to statistics, approximately more than 93% of all Americans currently own some form of a smartphone, which is a device that is able to be used to perform virtually any kind of task these days. This means that it only makes enough sense that mobile credentials should play a major role in the overall future of technologies involving physical access control, as mobile credentials are quickly becoming a much more secure and convenient solution due to keycard access control systems fast becoming obsolete, as the physical cards associated with this often tend to become misplaced or lost, as well as hacked using equipment that is often relatively inexpensive in terms of cost. Furthermore, mobile access control is something that can also offer remote capabilities, such as a tenant being able to grant access to a visitor via a special mobile app once they are alerted through an apartment intercom system provided the tenant has their smartphone in their possession.

*One other of the best access control trends to watch for in 2021 is biometric technology. With the overall demand for touchless access control systems increasing, one of the factors that continue to grow in terms of popularity is that of facial recognition. In fact, there are virtually millions of users who already use some form of facial identification on their smartphones, with this trend also spreading to additional sectors within the security industry as well. Similar to using mobile credentials, biometric technology is considered to be much more secure as opposed to more traditional access control systems. Furthermore, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the feed for more touchless technology options in order to assist with eliminating more common types of touch-based surfaces that can risk spreading disease.

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