Wireless security camera with remove viewing. If you’re preparing to get home security cameras placed throughout your house, it’s essential to make sure cameras are located where it will provide you with the most advantage. Even if your home already has safety cameras installed and in place – are they in advantageous locations?

Ideally, your cameras should be placed discreetly, while still able to get activity in the most optimum entry points to your house. Here are the top 5 places to attach cameras and the profit of each.

  1. Front door – While this is the most evident place to install security cameras, how they are placed around your front door is one of the most important parts to consider. Make sure cameras are placed high enough to where they are out of range to avert anyone being able to easily fiddle with or take away the camera. Better yet, place the camera just inside of your house looking out to your front door. This will allow a fuller view of the front of your house. If you place cameras that can move and see a larger area, make sure the camera has room to capture more of your front area or driveway, rather than too close to the side of your house.
  2. Rear entry door – This is another evident choice for where to place your cameras. Take all of the same components into circumstance here, including making sure the camera is up and away from reach, and has space to acquire a large enough region. Another important component here is to make sure the camera you choose has low light or night vision, as so many burglaries happen at night.
  3. Side windows – Windows that are not in obvious sight of a road are a real vantage point for burglars. An additional benefit of having cameras here is that they may not be as detectable as those at front and back doors, and will catch burglars offguard.
  4. Gates – Whether it’s a gate to your front door or a side gate with admittance to your backyard, gates are another place where burglars might not suspect cameras. It will also catch thieves on camera quicker, which hopefully prompts a faster alert to you and law enforcement before they get any closer to your house.
  5. Indoors near front/back doors – Placing motion sensor cameras inside of your house can give you alerts if thieves somehow enter your house and get past external cameras. In the event that outdoor cameras are broken, destroyed, or removed, indoor cameras can still get burglars in action.

Wireless security camera with remove viewing – To ensure your cameras are installed in the best possible places, trust the experts at Dyezz Surveillance and Security. With our high quality equipment and experienced installers, you’re guaranteed the secure home you deserve. Contact us today!

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