With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continuing to cause interruptions on our everyday lives and routines, it continues to be important that businesses step back and think about what steps they should take next in order to help plan for what many consider to be the new normal. After all, we have found ourselves in what would be considered uncharted territory thanks to these trying times causing significant changes to the way we not only work but also how we live and travel as well.

Due to the fact that many workplaces tend to be prime locations for all sorts of viruses to spread, including COVID-19, many businesses have taken the step to implement policies in order to help combat the virus. As a result, for all types of businesses who are now operating with reduced staffing or a more remote workforce, this has resulted in major changes to not only who has access to a building, but also how all employees are coming and going as well.

Factors such as access control and security have been identified by the government as part of the essential workforce during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic; however, many businesses are still attempting to navigate just how they will be able to ensure the overall security of both their physical assets and spaces without actually having someone on the business site itself. There are still considered to be a few decent security risks to keep in mind, such as the following:

*Access for normal deliveries and maintenance

*Updated operating hours and door schedules

*Potential service and internet interruptions

*Zero or limited access to security systems that generally operate via localized servers

*No ability to either replace or deactivate lost fobs, badges, or cards

*Access needs in order to permit regular cleaning and disinfecting inside the building itself

Due to the situation with the pandemic continuing to develop, it continues to be challenging to implement new tools to combat the risks moving forward. This makes now the best time to update all current access control options to more modern ones that are able to still remain effective, despite the fact that the vast majority of employees may be working remotely at the present time.

One of these options includes transitioning to a cloud and mobile-based security system, which is designed to help with making site management much safer and simpler, thereby eliminating the need to depend on more localized servers or on-site personnel. In terms of updating for COVID-19 building security, having a system in place that can be remotely managed is something that can offer an increased amount of flexibility and control. Many of these types of systems offer the following tools:

*Remote Unlock


*Instant Mobile Credentialing and Guest Passes

*Door Schedule Changes

*Real-Time Alerts


Another popular tool with these types of systems is hands-free unlock, meaning that you no longer have to use your hands to touch a reader in order to unlock a door. Instead, you can take advantage of one of the following methods:

*Unlock a door using a special mobile app

*Unlock a door by waving your hand in front of the reader

*Touch the reader with a covered part of your body

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