Empty roads, distanced essential workers, relatives emerging from their houses weekly to applaud the doctors – we all have most likely experienced by now – if not directly then through the media – life under COVID. Now that some of the hardest-hit nations are starting to release the strictest measures, we need to plan for life after COVID – labor that proves difficult given that how exactly the ‘new normal’ will shape up still remains an open question.

One of the primary quandaries on everyone’s mind is travel. The past three months have brought intelligence that shook the entire industry. Planes grounded at major airports for weeks at a time. Hotels closing worldwide. Boats stranded at sea, traveling from place to place only to be turned away.

What to do when leaving home for extended time – At Dyezz, we’ve suffered the consequences too. We’ve had to radically change the way we operate – becoming more frugal with our resources, and refocusing our short-term and long-term targets. But despite the hit we felt, we remain bullish about the approaching of the industry – because traveling, or the ability to escape the everyday, is not only a facilitator between separate people and cultures but additionally an irreplaceable source of inspiration; a central human necessity.

We’re already starting to see these trends play out: authorities promoting domestic adventure, new safety measures being introduced in airports worldwide and agencies creating offers for travelers whose disposable incomes have suddenly shrunk. Importantly, while such profound industry upheavals always prove difficult, there is a silver lining – and it’s that these changes, ultimately, will make the industry stronger and more sustainable. In the future, not only will we adventure differently – we will additionally adventure better.

Closer to the House

What to do when leaving home for extended time – As adventure returns, especially in the short term, we will have to find a way to do so while preserving social distancing measures. a lot of will want to avoid traditionally crowded means of transfer altogether; hopping into their vehicles and trailers that offer more privacy. Others will hope to decrease time spent in airports and train stations and on planes and trains themselves.

As we turn to explore in the neighborhood – or within the “escapade bubbles” which are building around the world (most notably between Pflugerville and Mueller; and the Rosedale and North Loop areas), we will stay away from huddled city areas and tourist traps that attract swaths of visitors. that presents a unique opportunity for the industry to recover – especially for the short stay space, as setting up a hotel in a new location might possibly take months, but short-term rentals might possibly be up and running in hours.

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