The Future of Surveillance Monitoring

Importance of surveillance technology. The use of surveillance monitoring products and services is on the rise. As products become more cost-effective, technologies become more integrated and users become more tech-savvy the value that robust surveillance monitoring setups bring to residential and commercial facilities has increased.

Importance of surveillance technology – Traditional monitoring products utilize a digital backup to record events. These setups work wonderfully in supplying authorities with a record of an incident or event when it has taken place. When monitoring has been tripped trained personnel can access the surveillance to verify events and alert authorities when needed. However, the shortcoming of this type of technology is that it does not assist in notifying anyone while an incident is taking place, there is no “proactive” monitoring.

Proactive surveillance monitoring helps could assist in alerting someone to an incident as it takes place. Combining advanced AI, surveillance analytics and live security professionals a holistic setup is created that is capable of detecting, intervening and responding to the incident as it happens.

Some benefits of proactive surveillance monitoring would include:

  • Superior facial recognition software to identify individuals

  • Real-time response to crimes

  • Decreased reliability on overnight or round the clock security guards

“We see proactive surveillance monitoring as the future of our industry. The models of surveillance verification and surveillance clip monitoring are wonderful and have served us and our dealers well, but with the technology available now with really intelligent surveillance analytic software enabled to create decisions about scenes and situations at the subscribers’ premises, we see that this type of ‘before the event’ monitoring makes sense to the subscriber, preventing crimes from happening rather than trying to verify that an incident has happened.”

-John Gas, CEO of Security Super Group

Importance of surveillance technology – Proactive and traditional surveillance monitoring are both valuable services. However, they each have their unique benefits depending on the needs of the facility. Additionally, many of the new DIY products that are on the market are incapable of providing this new type of proactive monitoring. This is a thing to consider as you create options in investing in new monitoring products and services. Although this technology is still being adapted there is no doubt that there is much more value in being alerted to an incident as it happens vs. dealing with the aftermath of a criminal event. If you are interested in learning more about proactive surveillance monitoring for your company or residence please call us today.

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