Solution for robbery. Before learning about robbery prevention, it’s best to begin with robbery itself. In 2018, there were an estimated over 6,196,045 property robbery offenses in the nation. Theft accounted for over 73 percent of all property crimes in 2018, and burglary accounted for over 16 percent.

Solution for robbery – The rate of property robbery is about 2,100 per over 90,000 inhabitants but varies from city to city. While the numbers may seem high, robbery rates in the United States have actually been on a pretty steady decline in the last half-decade.

That’s wonderful news! But why exactly is robbery decreasing? Several studies point to situational robbery prevention and the use of professional observation setups.

Persistent Burglary Prevention

“Robbery prevention has long been on the radar of law enforcement officers, but situational robbery prevention brings a different approach. Situational robbery prevention is based on the belief that robbery is able to be deterred through making strategic changes to an environment. It does this through focusing on how (rather than why) robbery occurs—and therefore, how it can be prevented,” according to a researcher.

This type of robbery prevention focuses on specific places, problems, or times to reduce specific types of robbery and increase the risks for offenders.

How Does Situational Robbery Prevention Work?

Here are a few real-world examples of what SCP looks like in action, based on real techniques law enforcement officers are trained to use:

  • Separation of Target: In an area where vehicle break-ins of auto theft are a problem, park a luxury car in a garage rather than on the street.

  • Increase Natural Observation: Including well-lit streets and housing designs that allow neighbors to see one another’s properties when urban planning.

  • Alert Scruples: Such as roadside signs that flash your speed when driving too fast or warnings at the beginning of a movie that state “piracy is not a victimless robbery.”

  • Accelerating Formal Observation: Installing alarms or security cameras in conspicuous places so offenders are aware of any observation measures.

Benefits of Being Vigilant

Solution for robbery – The short reply is that it’s always better to prevent a robbery than respond after an offense has been committed. Why is that?

The major benefit is that robbery prevention saves cash. It’s tons more cost-effective to discourage the robbery than have to pay for possible property damage, replacing purloined goods, or, particularly, dealing with the thievery of an irreplaceable portion. This is able to include your tax money that specifically goes to law enforcement officials.

Research also suggests that the positive impacts of preventative interventions includes a collateral effect in other times and locations, meaning the benefits of robbery prevention has a compounding effect, helping multiple people for multiple situations, rather than just one isolated location.

How Can You Prevent Robbery and Practice Vigilance?

Solution for robbery – One of the easiest and most beneficial ways to prevent robbery is with a monitored observation apparatus. House and business owners are over 30% less likely to be broken into with a security apparatus. That’s because burglars like easy targets and a house with a professionally monitored observation apparatus are anything but.

A Rutgers University study determines that neighborhoods in which burglar alarms were densely installed have fewer incidents of residential burglaries than neighborhoods with fewer burglar alarms.

This study also credits the increase in professional alarm setups with a decrease in burglaries and the overall robbery rate.

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