Smart card access reader. A lot has changed in business safety over the decades. One of those is the coming of technology that controls building entry; with electronic smart reader access, the key business safety is now actually keyless. But early smart reader access models are quickly becoming antique, with new, cloud-based tech replacing it that offers a variety of bonuses. Those bonuses include:

Lower Installation Costs

Smart card access reader  – If your business was an early adopter of smart reader access, you should know that modern smart reader access systems are much simpler to provide than the first generation of the technology. To start, those sky-high starting costs are a thing of the past. That’s why the elaborate wiring necessity of early smart reader access have been replaced by simpler technology; now, all safety integrators need to do is replace the entry locking hardware with the smart reader access. With wireless technology, it’s far more affordable to employ.

Installs are also very time-consuming which in itself is a measure of cost. You have to be onsite to help the technicians with any questions they may have, or if you own a business you must be present in order to avoid any sticky liability issues which may arise. While these issues don’t immediately translate over into the balance sheet, they do equate lost revenue when you really sit down and do the math. It’s invisible costs like this which plague the safety industry and Dyezz is there to help thwart these and look out for you at the same time.

Wider Scalability

Smart card access reader  – In the early days of smart reader access, big properties were far more complicated to deploy than small businesses. But today, we can adopt anything from a small, single entry application to a big, networked system for a campus. smart reader access can be implemented for businesses of all sizes in addition to elevators, parking garages, public buildings, and even private residences. That’s what broad scalability is about.

More Customization Choices

Rest easy knowing that this scalability does not mean obsolescence. There are a variety of choices for smart reader access; digital cards are popular, but credentials like keychain fobs may also be a good fit. Even advanced smart reader access is a thing that can happen. And when it’s time for a chekup or the fateful safety investigation, we provide a perfect reporting solution. As for the cloud, that’s the secret to your electronic security.

When it’s time to update smart reader access, we would be glad to speak with you about your choices. Contact Dyezz for a free safety test.

Customization is key when you think about the vast range of separate settings where safety measures must be implemented. From outdoor car parks to medical offices and day cares, each has its own unique need that must be accounted for.

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