Secure remote access. In this Dyezz Story, a customer tells us how Dyezz helps him feel closer to his house even when his job takes him thousands of miles away.

“It’s really a great thing that I am saying this now, 5000 miles away from house on my honeymoon. Simply a couple minutes ago, I was able to verify that no moving had been detected at house in the last few days. I also was able to see that the temperature was descending, corroborating that I had left the heating turned off as I intended. Peaceful confidence, although our house will be cold when we return in two weeks.

Secure remote access – As one of Dyezz’s early adopters you asked me what at first attracted my attention. What got me into betting my money on a Dyezz product? As a long time fan of Dyezz, I pride myself on having learnt from past errors and ability to assess the practicability of products. Yours seemed easy enough to work and adroit enough to get my attention. In the end, what I saw was a great proposition, with everyday, concrete technology integrated into a futuristic commodity, at a very sensible price. It’s amazing that the security system is so easy to install and remove, rechargable, and the battery lasts for several months.

Temperature following also helped me realize when I left my appliances on while away. Same thing goes for hot seasons with air conditioning. Summers in Austin get pretty bad.

Secure remote access – Due to mycareer, I sporadically spend time abroad, often on a different continent. At times, I am away for weeks, and Dyezz has really helped me feel closer to my house, and my girlfriend, as I am able to make sure that everything at house is great for her. Is she cool enough? A particularly funny happening was the day I told her on my cell, “You just now emerged from the shower from cleaning your hair, didn’t you?” She thought I had psychic powers, but it was in fact the rise in humidity that gave her away.

At times, the audio detection feature has also been really useful. At first, it helped me to trace and confirm moving in the house. It also helps me remember if my girlfriend or I woke up in the middle of the night for a quick visit to the bathroom. Sometimes I simply verify the audio level at night that may disturb our slumber quality.

One of the most useful updates to my device is the visualization of motion info. I’m really happy to now have access to reliable info on the moving in my house. I have my device set up in the corridor, where it can detect any intruders. We live in a small house, so anyone going in or out of the various rooms will trip the motion detector.

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