Intercom System Tips Austin. When it comes to the security industry, this is one business that has maneuvered away from standalone security systems over the past few years. While these types of systems had previously been OK, despite the fact that they don’t talk to other devices, this is seen as no longer being acceptable by many. Business owners are always seeking to offer the best possible protection and should also be able to add various types of security enhancements as the needs arise.

The same thing can be said regarding the overall capability of intercoms as well, as these devices are now able to communicate either with or through many common devices, such as the following:



*Enterprise access control systems

*Mobile apps

Here are three of the most useful ways to help you make the most of your intercom system.

*First, there’s streaming and recording video to a VMS platform. Video intercoms are able to add an extremely valuable layer of security via offering distance, visibility, and control to any user. By recording and streaming to a VMS platform, both personnel and operation centers will be able to receive multiple views and angles regarding interactions between a visitor, thereby affording them the ability to create more comprehensive audit trails through a myriad of security scenarios.

*Next is integrating with access control in order to enable event logging capabilities. Being able to provide an audit trail of a situation that has transpired is equally as important as having a security system in place to help with tasks such as monitoring visitor flow. When an intercom system is paired together with an enterprise access control system, it will be able to offer both visibility and valuable information that could potentially help a business understand visitor flow. Additionally, in the event that some kind of legal issue were to arise, this can also be especially helpful.

*Intercom System Tips Austin. Finally, there’s adding an additional layer of security via the incorporation of an access control reader. If you discover that you need multi-factor authentication capabilities with your intercom system, this is an option that should definitely be considered. When these are paired with one another, business owners will be able to enhance their security by a process such as requiring visitors and/or employees to submit to a multi-step process in order to gain entry.