Every year in the US, there are millions of property crimes, including vandalism and burglary. The windows of your home are common points of entry for criminals; home invasions often happen because many Americans neglect to secure home access points, including windows. It is important to include securing your home’s windows as a part of your regular security routine because, otherwise, your home might be a target–you might be providing criminals with windows of opportunity to trespass at your home.


Research carried out by SafeHome.org has shown some key findings regarding neglected window security in homes across America. Researchers discovered that about 53% of 1000+ residents asked had an unlocked or open window in their home, and 13% were unaware they were unlocked. They also found that 8% of households left a window unlocked in case of a lock-out. Moreover, 10% of households admitted to believing unlocked windows do not pose a home security risk.


The truth is that windows are easy access points for criminals. Windows (along with doors) are the most accessible points of entry for burglars and other intruders targeting homes. Securing these home access points is critical when it comes to protecting your home and your loved ones from intruders.


If you want to help prevent home invasions, the first thing you should do is close your blinds or block visibility into your windows, especially when you are not at home. Burglars and other criminals often determine a house to be a good target having seen inside through your windows, assessing the layout of your property, and noting the habits and behavior patterns of you and your family.


Another tip to avoid break-ins is to have windows that are properly installed, with strong window locks. Make sure that your windows have the correct type of lock for the specific style of windows in your home. Appropriate locks differ depending on whether you have casement windows, sliding windows, or others–there are several types, including window bars, keyed locks, sash locks, and latches.


For even greater window security, having a home security system professionally installed is very important. Security systems have entry sensors that sound an alarm when a window is opened or broken; many send an alert to your professional home security monitoring company so law enforcement is contacted and sent to your home. 

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