Gun Detection Technology. There are many different security solutions and gun detection analytics that are designed to work in tandem with all types of educational institutions in order to help provide communities with not only improved security, but also peace of mind as well.

Gun detection technology can also work to turn any existing security camera into a smart camera designed to detect intruders and guns, thereby enabling instant and real time responses to both of these issues. Additionally, the system can increase the overall ability of school administrations to react to threats while, at the same time, not adding an additional visible layer of security, which will help to provide a campus that is much safer and secure.

Both machine learning and AI technology are being used to help recognize weapons from virtually hundreds of thousands of images that are in a proprietary data set. The solution of this will recognize the instance the moment that guns are brandished before then providing real time alerts and notifications.

The solution also works to detect weapons the moment they become visible on camera, thereby flagging the threat before any shots are even fired. This will help to provide both law enforcement and building security forces with the valuable time that they need in order to address the issue, with the end result including the following:

*Increased response time

*Quicker emergency warning to occupants of the building

*Saved lives

Additionally, video technology can also utilize existing servers and cameras, which requires no upfront investment in further operations or hardware. This means that you will be able to utilize gun detection analytics instantly rather than having to wait.