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Setting up Notifications  






Qolsys, Power Series, Neo (All three Systems) 

  • Change out panel batteries Page 151 PAGE 8 has a lot of info (NEO)

How to test their own systems (Call UCC 888-832-6822 Ask to put alarm on test)

  • How often Page 115 Page 13


DVR’s Dyezz has supported are as follows.

Alibi, Alibi Cloud, Rhombus, Eagle Eye

Legacy DVR’s

Digital Watchdog, Geovision, 3G TRH, Blackline, Hikvision,




My DVR isn’t playing back video.

It is likely the hard drive that is stored within the DVR. At times, it could be the DVR but we would need to troubleshoot over the phone to determine what it can be.


I no longer have remote access to the cameras.

Remote access is normally cut off for a few reasons listed below. We advise checking the connections

first to ensure its not something basic. In the event everything has been verified, we would need to

schedule a service call to determine why its still offline.

  1. 1. DVR is powered off

  2. 2. DVR network cable is disconnected

  3. 3. Changes to the network.


Why am I being for a TZO/DDNS/Support fee?

Dyezz bills out a monthly fee to the end users that allow you to do a few different things other than remote viewing of your cameras.

Also included in your monthly/year bill is video extraction, remote and phone support (typically a $55 flat fee for support). There is also a one FREE site visit up to one hour per calendar year to troubleshoot your DVR’s remote access.

I am no longer able to view my cameras on my local monitor

Check your DVR to ensure its powered on. If powered on, it is likely the monitor that is the issue. Theonly way to check is to hook up another monitor and see if you are having the same issue. If you have swapped with another monitor, it is likely the cable at which point, Dyezz will need to schedule out an ITtech.


Remind to all customers to get permits  

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