Business owners understand the need to install security systems as the first line of defense against potential trespassers targeting them for burglary or other crimes. Some business owners include applied security technologies as part of their systems when they need especially robust security system solutions. Is your business workplace in need of such technologies? Consider an access control system.

Access control systems help prevent criminal behavior, especially violations of the security policies of your business. Basically, an access control system is a type of electronic security system that controls and monitors access to a building, facility, or restricted area. It is designed to regulate approval for authorized personnel to enter a building without being accompanied by a security officer or other approved and recognized representative who can review and validate the presence within the facility of the personnel in question. It typically consists of a combination of hardware and software, including door sensors, card readers, keypads, and other devices.

Have you heard about Continental Access? Continental Access offers access control systems that feature detailed protocol checklists, which ensure that authentication, authorization, and access are certified, so as to ensure the safety of the space being accessed. It allows a security administrator to authenticate the access credentials of personnel seeking to enter specific physical spaces within a business facility. Further, it enables the administrator to approve, revoke, or otherwise change permissions authorizing personnel to access those spaces. Continental Access control systems allow access only after completing the authentication and authorization processes.

Continental Access Control Dealers

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Access control is used in countless businesses for managing facility occupancy and ensuring overall safety, while allowing business owners to have the most control possible. Access control trends of 2022 that have contributed to the security of commercial businesses across Texas have included remote management of access outside of normal business hours and digital access control methods (e.g., mobile badges, in addition to traditional key fobs and key cards). Another trend is touchless technology (e.g., proximity access cards and biometrics such as facial recognition). Overall, access control systems can help businesses like yours to improve security by ensuring compliance with security regulations. They are an extremely important tool for commercial businesses.

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