Best Commercial Video Surveillance System- Anyone who owns a business can tell you how important it is to have some form of commercial video surveillance system installed. This is because these types of systems are specifically designed to protect businesses against issues such as burglary, liability, and theft. There are also so many amazing advantages of commercial video surveillance systems to consider when it comes to installing one that you’ll definitely consider adding it to the top of your list if you haven’t done so already.

Here are four of the biggest advantages of commercial video surveillance systems.

*First and foremost, one of the biggest advantages of commercial video surveillance systems is the fact that it can help to greatly reduce instances of employee theft. While other individuals committing theft from your business is always a risk, the unfortunate fact is that employees will often be the ones who end up taking items that don’t belong to them. When you take the step of installing a commercial video surveillance system, however, you will be able to help put a stop to something like this. Furthermore, when employees realize that they are being watched, this will make them much less tempted to steal from their place of employment.

*Another big advantage of commercial video surveillance systems involves being able to prevent false worker’s compensation claims. Oftentimes, there will be employees who will attempt to take advantage of worker’s compensation insurance by claiming that they were injured on the job even though they really weren’t. Thanks to this type of surveillance system, you will be able to view what really happened. In the event an employee makes this sort of claim, you will be able to produce video evidence that will protect you against such fraud.

*One other useful advantage involving commercial video surveillance systems is being able to monitor daily workflow. Essentially, you will be able to keep an eye on exactly how your business is operating, such as spotting customer service issues, areas where general workflow is able to be improved, employees who are doing a great job, and employees who aren’t being as efficient as they should be. In other words, a commercial video surveillance system will allow you to see what truly happens whenever you aren’t around.

*Another great advantage of commercial video surveillance systems involves being able to improve imaging and video over older-aged systems. While you may believe that you don’t actually need a newer, updated system since your business already has video surveillance, the fact of the matter is that older-aged systems tend to record video and images that are much too grainy, thereby making it even more difficult to identify suspects whenever serious issues take place. Furthermore, they also don’t allow for the storage of anything in a digital format as opposed to today’s systems. Instead, older-aged systems require the storage of more bulky types of videos. By installing a newer and more updated system, you will be able to take advantage of high-resolution images, thereby allowing you to have more control over the surveillance of your business itself.

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