Austin bats. People in Austin have been staying home for nearly the past year because of the situation worldwide, but with vaccine rollouts, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Soon, Austinites will be able to go out and about again, leaving the home empty and vulnerable to burglars if not properly secured. For that home security, Dyezz has you covered. For entertainment, excitement, and freedom, Austin has your back.

Let’s revisit some old favorites for what to do and where to go once the current epidemic lifts. There’s no harm in a little planning ahead.

Viewing the Bats in Austin

Austin bats – The path on the eastern side of the Congress Avenue bridge gives the best viewpoint for watching the bats come out and fly over Lady Bird Lake. The slope below the bridge is a little more family-friendly since you can lay out a blanket and even have a little holiday while you wait. From this position, you’ll get a front row view as they appear, but then they quickly vanish over the trees that boundary the lake. Also, on the incline, you do run a small risk of being pelted by a little bat feces.

It’s seldom more than a scattering, but it does occur.

On days when the temperatures really soar, sometimes the bats wait a bit longer to emerge after it’s simmered down a smidge. Unfortunately, this frequently means that it’s too dark to see them by the time they appear around 9 PM. Also, if the preceding days have been rainy, the insects may have a full-fledged population boom. If there’s a bountiful supply of bugs for them to consume, there’s really no hurry for them to get out and start probing for breakfast. In this situation also, the bats may come out too late tosee.

If you stick around though, you may still see a few of them swooping in to eat some moths.

Austin bats – With just a little early planning, though, you can get an even better position from the lake. You can snag kayaks and canoes for rent from several businesses along the river. Some of them even provide well-educated guides who share facts about the bats as you float.

While the majority of the bat showing activity happens near the Congress Avenue bridge, you can also get a totally different view from points farther east along Lady Bird Lake. The east edge of the lake is boxed by Longhorn Dam at Pleasant Valley Road. You can watch them from the structure just above the dam or along the trail closer to the shore. If you rent a kayak on Riverside Drive about 30 minutes before sunset and blade eastward at an easygoing pace, you’ll soon see a dark cloud of bats in the sky.

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