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College students are heading back to campus as protections and protocols change in light of COVID-19. As students move into dorms, they should be aware of security precautions they can take to safeguard their belongings and protect themselves from harm. Many inexpensive and easy-to-use products are available for people who have their sights set on safety as the new school year begins. Read on for some information about some security products that can help students stay safe when they move to their new dorm rooms.

Students can protect themselves by adding door and window alarms in their dorm rooms. Though door and window alarms are usually included as part of a dorm room security alarm system that is put in place by the college or university itself, adding others as a second layer of protection is still an option; students can purchase these products and install them on their own. Door and window alarms are triggered when either of those points of entry are accessed, setting off a notification bell or buzzer alerting the student of an entry or exit; a secondary door and window alarm in addition to that which is provided by the school can draw attention more specifically to the presence of an unwelcome intruder. There are a number of different door and window alarms available at various price points; they are easy-to-install. They can provide a greater sense of security to students in the dorms.

Another product that can offer greater peace of mind to students is a personal wireless security camera. Wireless security cameras do not require holes to be drilled for wiring or mounting, which is perfect as most colleges and universities prohibit such physical modifications to the dorm premises. These cameras are cost-effective security tools that are useful for observing people who enter and exit the dorm room, many allowing remote monitoring via smartphone apps. (Note: it is important to consider the privacy of any other occupants of the dorm room when using a wireless security camera; getting permission from roommates before using a camera is critical. Furthermore, it is essential that students review university housing policies to confirm that personal security cameras are allowed in dorms.)

Door and window alarms and wireless security cameras are excellent additions to dorm security plans. They can help keep students’ belongings secure, as well as ensuring greater personal safety.

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