Alarm Security Install New Braunfels Texas. Welcome to the Dyezz Surveillance & Access blog. We service the New Braunfels, Texas area with all your security needs. We also enjoy writing about the areas we work in such as New Braunfels, Texas. Enjoy this article about things to do in New Braunfels!

Here are three fun things to do in New Braunfels.

*One fun thing to do in New Braunfels is visiting Landa Falls. This is located on the Comal River and also offers one of the longest tubing floats. Furthermore, the portion of the river on which they operate is less steep, thereby making the trip itself slower and even more suitable for younger-aged children. Tubes either with or without bottoms are available, and life vests are also provided at absolutely no charge whatsoever.

*Another fun thing to do in New Braunfels is visiting the New Braunfels Farmers Market. Taking place every Saturday, this market features vendors from all over the area selling all sorts of goods including vegetables, fruits, baked goods, pizza, chocolate, and cheeses. Additionally, you will also be able to purchase handmade goods like toiletries, household products, and various accessories as well, all of which are made from only the highest quality ingredients.

* Alarm Security Install New Braunfels Texas. One other fun thing to do in New Braunfels is visiting Schlitterbahn Waterpark. This location measures a total of 65 acres and is spre26ad out over the banks of the Comal River, with most of the water in the park actually coming from the river itself. Additionally, the park has also been recognized for the past 15 years as being the best waterpark in the world, having more than three miles of tubing activities, a total of 17 water slides, seven water playgrounds for children, and so much more. There are also plenty of restaurants to enjoy, and you are also permitted to bring your own food if you wish; however, alcohol is not permitted.