Generally defined, access control is a specific type of access restriction to a certain location within a building, regardless of whether the building itself is residential or commercial in nature. The locks that are generally seen on doors with this type of system are commonly referred to as a form of access control, as the key to these locks enable the keyholder to gain authorization to that specific space.

When it comes to properly utilizing access control in businesses, this is something that is generally done in order to protect employees, physical property, and customers. Some of the most common types of access control options that businesses use includes proximity readers, which are designed to scan keycards or fobs, as well as swipe card systems, keypads with access codes, and biometric systems. Some of these same types of access control systems are also utilized for residential properties as well, such as apartment buildings.

In the event that you believe your building may require an access control system, regardless of whatever the specific reason may be, the best thing to do would be to evaluate your security needs in order to determine what type of system you may need.

Some of the most common factors to consider include the following:

*The location of entrances and exits.

*All characteristics that could end up offering specific challenges in terms of security.

*How many employees, customers, and vendors you have.

*The overall frequency of employees, customers, and vendors.

*All possible vulnerabilities and targets that could draw attention to potential criminals.

*Whether or not you have any restricted areas that need to be off-limits.

*Your general hours of operation.

By considering all of these different factors, you will be able to determine exactly what kind of access control system your building will need the most.



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