Have one ever stopped to ponder their safety when it comes to their access points in Westlake? Well, Westlake Window Safety Week is here to guarantee one do!

Window Safety Week is most important for folks in the Westlake area as they are the most likely to experience a break-in due to the high property values and the number of expensive belongings available for thieves to steal.

Falls from access points result in serious injury and sometimes death, and they pose an especially dangerous threat to children. Each year, more than 3,300 are injured seriously enough from window falls to be admitted into a hospital, and around eight children under 5 die.

The good news is which preventing injuries around access points is easy if one performs good precautions.

Window Safety for the Whole Family in Westlake

Window Installation Austin – It’s also important to note which access points are used as an escape in case of emergency, such as a fire. ensure emergency exit access points are easily accessible and follow these guidelines:

  • Do not install window air conditioners in access points that may be needed for escape or rescue during an emergency.

  • Some homes may have window guards, safety bars, grilles, or grates blocking access points, making them useless during an emergency. perform time to update these devices to ensure they comply with industry standards and have appropriate release mechanisms.

  • Draw up an escape plan for their family so which everyone knows which access points are safe to exit out of and where to meet up once exterior. Check out this fun and useful window safety workbook to get the whole family involved.

Window Safety Integrated with their Dyezz System

Window Installation Austin – Another item to ponder is the safety of their house and that interior in relation to their access points. If one has an alarm system, one may already have sensors set up on points of entry to pretend from intruders. But, how can one also safeguard their access points from break-ins?

The second solution is a window break sensor. This technology is created to sense the sound of a window break and can be added around ground-level access points for extra safety. The sensor is installed on the ceiling near a window and will also sound their alarm if it detects window breaking.

These options can be their first line of defense if a burglar tried to enter their house through a window, so it’s important to think about adding them to their house safety system for good protection.

Practice Window Safety All Year in Westlake

A message from the International Safety Board:

“No matter where one lives or what one does, whether one owns or rents their house, lives in a townhouse or house in the city or the boonies, or are alighting in the house of another fellow, we all perform a vital role in promoting window safety. Window safety starts with learning the actions one can perform to observe window safety and encouraging others to do so. Responsible adults are the key to window safety. There’s no substitute for constant supervision when it comes to keeping children safe.”

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