Video surveillance technology. When it comes to business security, video surveillance has long been considered a must-have for crime prevention. While real time video monitoring is a best practice surveillance model, some business owners may balk at investing in this technology. Here are three surprising benefits of video surveillance that may help you convince key stakeholders of the importance of surveillance technology. 
  1. Staff can focus on their jobs knowing a deterrent is in place: Without a video surveillance system, staff must focus on identifying threats. Their attention can be divided, leading to a decline in performance and productivity. When all employees know that a real time video monitoring system is in place, they won’t worry so much about taking on the responsibilities of threat monitoring. Staff can then perform better by focusing on what they truly need to do, and the business remains protected from threats. 


  1. Visible cameras are a first-line defense: Most thieves “case the joint” before they steal anything. A would-be thief who passes by your warehouse or office will see the real time cameras clearly mounted outside the business. The mere presence of these cameras will make any thief pause and reconsider targeting your business. Just by investing in video cameras, you can deter theft in the first place. In some cases, you may be able to lower insurance premiums by demonstrating that you have a strong surveillance system to deter theft.  


  1. Surveillance makes insurance claims easier: While you don’t want to suffer a business loss, of course, it can happen even with a good video monitoring system in place. In the event that you must make a claim with your insurance company, surveillance footage can streamline the claims process so you get you your funds faster. 


The cost of protection is a small price to pay for peace of mind that your business assets and intellectual property are protected. Thanks to a wide range of video surveillance tools, including surveillance as a service tools, business owners can best protect their premises at a price point they can afford.