Understand Monitored Fire Protection. Every home has smoke detectors.  Unfortunately, in most homes, those smoke detectors are worse than useless.   Human error destroys the usefulness of some smoke detectors.  The first time the homeowner burns his steak and fills the house with smoke the standard smoke detector goes off – and nothing will convince it to quiet down until the frustrated homeowner rips it out of the wall.  This is also the most common fate of smoke detectors which begin giving the “low battery” alert.  Homeowners disengage the smoke detector, promising themselves they will “get the battery later.”  That “later” rarely comes as the homeowner gets swamped with a list of other concerns.

The second factor is homeowner absence.  Smoke detectors are only useful when they can alert someone who can take action on a fire.  Should a fire start when the occupants are out at work or school, the standard fire alarm will just continue to shriek until the resulting blaze melts it.  The smoke detector might have been useful for warning people to get out of the home, but it doesn’t do a thing to prevent the home from burning to the ground. The solution to the first scenario is simple enough.  Replacing battery operated smoke detectors with wired-in smoke/heat detectors takes the homeowner out of the equation.  There’s no need to replace batteries when the smoke detectors run on the house’s electrical wiring.  Smoke/heat detectors also do not sound the alarm unless they detect the sorts of high temperatures associated with a fire.  That means it will not sound a false alarm and annoy the homeowner while he is struggling with a burning meal.

The second problem can be solved by having monitored fire protection on the home.  Monitored fire protection works much the same way that burglar alarms do.  When the smoke and heat detector discovers signs of a fire, it makes a noise in the house while sending a signal through the phone lines.  This signal then alerts a 24/7 call center who, in turn, calls the fire department.  If the homeowner is home he can concentrate on getting himself and his family safe.  If he’s not, the fire still gets put out.  Those vital seconds can mean the difference between a damaged home and a destroyed home.  It can also prove to be a literal lifesaver for beloved family pets. Monitored fire protection is usually very affordable.  Most burglar alarm companies offer this service, either as a stand-alone subscription or as an add-on to monitored burglary protection.