Types of Door Access Control Systems. Generally defined, keyless entry systems are special systems that are designed to be much more beneficial for both building security and general access control. Many commercial buildings are now starting to utilize this type of technology as a way to help move away from the use of more traditional metal keys.

Perhaps the biggest question, however, involves what specific Types of Door Access Control Systems are the best to use, as well as what their benefits are. The simple answer to this question is that this will vary depending on the type of building that the business operates out of; however, provided that you are aware of all of the various options that you can take advantage of, determining which system to utilize will be a lot easier.

Here are some of the most common Types of Door Access Control Systems and the various types of benefits that are involved with each one.

*One of the most common types of commercial keyless entry systems is biometric access control, which involves the use of either a fingerprint or facial recognition to assist with either granting or restricting access to a building or certain areas of a building. Not only will this option help to increase security, but it will also completely eliminate the need for factors such as key fobs, keycards, etc. In terms of the benefits of biometric access control, one of the biggest factors involves increased security. Furthermore, maintaining this type of unit is also simple and there is also no concern whatsoever when it comes to the potential loss of any kind of physical device, such as a keycard or key fob.

*Another of the most common types of commercial keyless entry systems is app-based keyless entry. As suggested by the name of the system itself, its operation is reliant upon the use of mobile apps in order for access to be granted to individuals. When it comes to using the apps themselves, methods vary, as some are used by enabling individuals to control locks via an app while others are operated almost the same as key fobs. Regardless of the method, all of the apps utilize proximity technology in order to be able to open doors. In terms of benefits, app-based keyless entry systems are easily customizable when it comes to both user control and different levels of access. Additionally, there is a lot less hardware involved with this type of system, and the use of remote access control is always enabled.

*Another common type of commercial keyless entry system is the use of keycards or key fobs. This is perhaps the most common type that is available, as it allows you to unlock a door provided you are within the range of a receiver that uses a radio signal that’s encrypted. Typically, keycards and key fobs work in the same manner; however, when it comes to keycards, these are able to transmit data through the use of either a radio signal or a magnetic stripe that can be found on the card itself. In terms of benefits, this type of keyless entry system is inexpensive as opposed to other types of systems. Furthermore, they are able to be used for different areas and can also be deactivated remotely as well.