Texas Residential Video Surveillance. There are no federal laws in the United States that govern the use of security cameras. However, there are some regulations that address privacy and consent that should be considered if you plan to use security cameras for video surveillance. Because regulations and laws regarding security camera surveillance differ greatly from state to state, you need to become familiar with those that apply in your location. Texas residential video surveillance laws are complicated; so if you make your home in the Lone Star State, you need to know about the Texas laws that apply to you, whether county ordinances, state statutes, or federal laws.

In terms of federal law in the US, basically, it is legal to install residential security cameras to record video. That said, US citizens are guaranteed a reasonable expectation of privacy, which means you cannot have a camera located anywhere on your property that is typically considered a private place, such as bathrooms. And there are consent laws as well that can apply, as it is legal in the US to use video surveillance to record activity wherein a conversation occurs in which you are involved and in which one participating individual has given consent. (For more on consent laws in Texas, check out “Texas Audio and Video Recording Laws” from RecordingLaw.com.)

Federal law covers the basics, but what is considered illegal surveillance in Texas? Whether you want to protect your home from unwelcome guests or home invaders, make sure “porch pirates” stay away, or keep an eye on your pets, having a home security camera for video surveillance seems to be a great solution. But there are instances where such surveillance is considered illegal. While the State of Texas does not have specific laws that deal with security camera usage, there are some places in the state where regulations exist. Check your home city and/or county website to find out the details of where you live.

You should know that laws on outdoor surveillance cameras for the home do apply to professional security companies that operate in Texas. The state requires any such company to be licensed and registered. It is also important to note that it is illegal to install hidden cameras anywhere on public or private property; any cameras used for surveillance should be visible. For more information regarding the legalities of Texas residential video surveillance, reach out to a reputable security and surveillance installation company.

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