If you or someone that you know are planning on moving to the state of Texas as a way to make a major change as part of the new decade now that the year 2020 is officially upon us, it’s extremely important to first make note of some of the most crucial crime statistics prior to making a final decision on where you eventually want to settle down.
Here are five of the most dangerous cities in the state of Texas – some of which you may find to be rather surprising. We offer business security throughout Texas!


One of the most dangerous cities in the state of Texas is listed as being the city of Amarillo. However, their overall rank is said to be a tiny bit misleading thanks in large part to the fact that both property crime and violent crime have increased throughout the past couple of years. Furthermore, recent statistics show that individuals have a 1% and 4% chance of falling victim to either of these types of crimes whenever they are in the city limits. Despite this, however, the overall crime rate in the city itself remains fairly low, which is believed to be due in large part to the increased population size.


Beaumont is ranked as being another one of the most dangerous cities in the state of Texas. In fact, the city is said to be the fourth worst city in the state in terms of violent crime, as residents have approximately a 94% chance of being victimized in some form or another. In terms of property crime, numbers involving this are said to be much better, as there is a 3.7% chance of something getting stolen or a home getting set on fire.


Another of the most dangerous cities in the state of Texas is listed as being Bastrop. Despite being considered to be one of the most charming locations in Hill Country, the city is also considered to be the fourth most dangerous in the entire state. In fact, for every 100,000 residents, there are said to be over 4,000 property crimes; however, Bastrop ranks just number 18 in that specific category. In terms of violent crime, it is believed that an individual has a one in 96 chance of being victimized in some manner or another.


Bellmead is said to be another of the most dangerous cities in the entire state of Texas, with suspicious activity having been on the rise since the year 2017 in this smaller-sized North Texas city. In fact, an individual is said to have a 1.3% chance of falling victim to any sort of violent offense, while there is also a 6.2% chance that someone will end up falling victim to some form of property crime.


One other of the most dangerous cities throughout the entire state of Texas is that of Alamo, which is located in Hidalgo County near Welasco. According to recent statistics, one in every 152 total residents will always run the risk of falling victim to some type of violent crime. Additionally, there is also a 5% chance that someone will become the victim of other crimes such as arson or theft.
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