When it comes to the overall success of any small business, perhaps one of the most important factors that will help ensure that this happens is crime prevention. Furthermore, smaller firms are more susceptible to crime than larger firms are, meaning that cash, inventory, and other types of assets will always need to be guarded much more closely. Oftentimes, destructive crimes such as burglary and theft can end up costing a small business literally everything. The best way to prevent these types of crimes from taking place is to ensure that the business owner will be able to recognize any and all potential for crimes against the business itself, as well as hire and train all employees properly and install mechanisms that prevent crime.
Here are some of the most basic tips involving crime prevention for a small business.
-No matter what, always be both aware and alert that a customer has entered your business. Furthermore, never stereotype a customer, especially since looks can always be deceiving.
-Take the time to acknowledge all customers who enter your business, regardless of who they may be. Additionally, whenever you say hello to them, always make eye contact.
-Make sure that you know how to fully protect yourself and your employees. For instance, know where your phone is, or ensure that one is always close by. You can also carry a silent alarm with you or give one to a trusted employee.
-If your business is one that sells valuable items, such as jewelry, always make sure that the glass cases are locked at all times, as well as fastened firmly together.
-If you have any keys for valuable places located within your small business, always make sure that you keep them on you at all times. If you wish to make a duplicate key to give to a trusted employee, you may also do this as well, provided they always keep the key in their possession.
0No matter what, always make sure that you know where all of your merchandise is located, as well as what it is. Whenever you are aware of your inventory and where it is placed, the better chance you will have of noticing whenever something is wrong involving it.
-If you use a computer to assist with organizing and operating your business, always take the proper steps to protect your software and hard drive. For instance, take the time to install anti-virus protection and firewalls as a way to deter hackers.
-Installing an alarm system of some sort will also help with scaring off potential intruders. There are many different types of alarm systems to choose from, and your service provider will always be happy to work with you in order to help you determine which is the best to use for your business.
-If your business is located on the same block as other businesses, consider working together and forming a sort of coalition. In other words, keep an eye out for one another and inform your local police station that you will be operating a business. This will enable the police to conduct regular security checks on both your building and business to check for potential intruders.
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