According to statistics, crime tends to increase every year during the summer months due to the fact that the warmer outdoor temperatures ends up resulting in people spending a great deal more time out of their homes. Due to this increase, both commercial and residential buildings can find themselves at a heightened risk of security.

Here are three of the biggest threats involving security during the summer months to consider making note of.

*First and foremost, perhaps one of the top summer security threats is trespassing. During the summer, young people will be out of school, thereby having much more free time to stay outdoors later than they normally would be able to during the week. Combine this with the warmer temperatures and you have the possibility of a threat such as trespassing, meaning that individuals will take the chance to sneak onto a property to oftentimes partake in illegal activities. Despite the fact that something like this is often a risk anytime during the year, the fact is that trespassing is often a greater threat during the summer.

*Another of the top summer security threats is vandalism. Those individuals who find themselves feeling bored during this time of year, coupled with being out of school and running out of more constructive things to do, can result in illegal activities such as vandalism. Even though something like this can start out as something small such as graffiti, it oftentimes will end up escalating to more serious property destruction as time goes on, meaning that no matter what, you will always want to take all of the proper steps to ensure that your property is protected during the summer.

*One other top summer security threat is theft. This time of year tends to experience an increase in this specific type of illegal activity, especially since thanks to the longer days, people typically stay out of their homes later into the night. Because of this, thefts often increase during the summer months. This is something that can also become a more common issue for both business owners and property owners as well, as so much can be at risk. This means that these individuals should take the time to both increase and update all of their current security measures in order to prevent something like this from occurring.

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