As the holiday season swings into full force, a major concern for many retail business owners is security. There are steps they can take to deter crime and prevent their businesses from being impacted. One important measure to take is to make sure to have an effective security system in place. Read on to learn about some valuable security system elements for retail businesses.


Investing in a security system is the best course of action when it comes to crime prevention for your business. The most basic element of a security system is the alarm. You should ensure that your system includes security alarms that send an alert every time an entry point is accessed and sound an alarm when any access occurs outside of specified times. An alarm system helps deter potential intruders, such as vandals and burglars.


Your business security system should also include motion detectors. Designed to help detect movements in specific locations that are unauthorized or otherwise unexpected. Motion detectors can be extremely helpful–whether they are passive (i.e., use infrared technology) or active (i.e., use radio waves)–because they can be installed indoors throughout your business premises, around the outer perimeter, and at all access points; they will send you or your professional security monitoring company alerts whenever motion is detected outside of normal times.


Another security system element your business should have is quality security cameras. Security cameras can be installed on both the interior and the exterior of your business premises for the most effective recording of activities inside and outside. Cameras specifically should capture multiple views of the parking lots when possible, as well as views of all the entrances and exits. The recordings can be monitored in real time and kept secure should they need to be reviewed at a later date.


Lighting is another essential element of a business security system. Make sure you have strategically located lighting inside and outside of the business to keep the shadows at bay and to illuminate the premises after dark. Having security lighting located out of reach of criminals who might tamper with them is key; install them at all exterior doors, windows, and other entry points. Also, having lighting installed inside your business is needed, so any individuals are made visible when engaged in unauthorized activities, and so they are clearly visible on any security video recordings.

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