Security Camera Installation Austin TX. Everyone wants to feel safe in their own homes, so having a quality home security system installed is often their immediate thought and their first step towards security. They choose security systems that meet their personal needs for the protection of property and people in their homes. In this time when many people are spending time at home monitoring their children who are participating in remote learning, how can home security systems help parents? Read on for four ways they can contribute to the safety of your children at home.

1. Deterring children from leaving the house

One way that a home security system can help you in times like this is by deterring your children from leaving the house without permission. Many home security systems have a settings feature that a parent can engage that disallows people to enter or exit the premises without sounding an alert. This helps to ensure that your children are safe within your home, even if they are not directly supervised. Parents working from home while children learn from home likely will find this tool especially useful because they can stay focused on their work a little with more ease, knowing they can still attend to their children when needed.

2. Video monitoring children via a smartphone app

Another benefit of many home security systems is the ability to monitor security video feeds via a smartphone app, from multiple cameras throughout the house with multiple angles and views. If you are working and your children are at home, can quickly and easily check on them without leaving your office or workspace; you can make sure they are participating appropriately in live-streamed classes or simply playing safely. Video monitoring can provide another level of peace of mind for parents.

3. Detecting intruders quickly

Being alerted of unwelcome intruders is a benefit of home security systems in general. But as a parent, such alerts are more significant because your priority is that your children are safe from any intruders. Home security systems help to detect intruders before they can enter your home, giving your family time to leave the house or hide and to alert authorities for help. This technology is also of use when your children are playing outside in your yard—it can be set to alert you if your gate is opened or your fence is breached, either by your child or an intruder.

4. Alerting emergency services dispatchers for immediate assistance

Another key way that home security systems help you as a parent is that many have a feature that allows you or your children to call for immediate help in an emergency. Many systems have a single button to push that alerts emergency service dispatchers of a need for assistance without having to dial 911. This means that emergency medical professionals, police, or firefighters can be called even when a phone is out of reach or otherwise unavailable.

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Article written by: Erika Mehlhaff