Safety precautions to be taken to prevent fire in workplace- When it comes to small businesses, one of the biggest risks associated with them includes fire. In fact, according to the National Fire Prevention Association, fire is the one issue that was reported in structures every 66 seconds back in 2016, as well as more than 29% of them being caused by various types of cooking equipment.

In terms of fire prevention for businesses, there are all sorts of factors that need to be considered.

Here are four of the most important fire prevention tips for businesses to consider making note of.

*First and foremost, you will need to always make note of any and all electrical hazards. In the event that you encounter issues such as malfunctioning electrical equipment and faulty wiring, this is something that you will need to report to your local fire department immediately. Under no circumstances should you ever attempt to repair these things on your own, with the exception being if you are a professional who is qualified to do so.

*It’s also important that you utilize precaution in any and all atmospheres that could potentially be explosive in nature. These include areas that contain fine particles and flammable liquid vapors.

*Another important tip to make note of is to establish a designated area for any of your employees who may smoke. Generally, this should be at least 20 feet from the outside of your building itself. Additionally, neither you nor your employees should ever smoke in locations such as storerooms or areas that store various types of chemicals.

*If you have any rags that are oily, these should always be properly stored. More specifically, these should be stored in containers that are either metal or fire retardant. Once they are able to officially be discarded, this should also be done so properly and on a regular basis.



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