Room To Room Intercom System. When it comes to home intercom systems, these are not only extremely convenient, but they also offer an additional layer of security for your home, as well as an increased amount of safety for all of your loved ones. From seeing who may be outside your home without actually needing to open your front door to seeing who may have visited your home whenever you aren’t there, a home intercom system is a useful system to consider adding to your home. At the same time, however, you’re likely wondering exactly how something like this works.

It’s important to note that there are multiple types of home intercom systems that each have varying setups, features, and power sources; however, the general concept remains the same for each one.

Home Intercom System Components

This type of system is composed of many different components, such as a base station. This is the main control point of the system itself and can be either a physical device or app that is able to be accessed via a smart device before then being stored in the cloud. Additional components of this kind of system include the room to room intercom system stations, which are equipped with a microphone and camera to permit two-way communication. Typically, this part of the system is placed in the area in which you receive visitors. There are also other types of intercom stations that may be placed inside your home; however, it’s important to note that there are some systems that permit you to do this directly from your smart device for total remote management.

Locking System Integration

In the event that your intercom system is integrated with your locking mechanism system, you will e able to have the ability to open doors and gates for your visitors either by pushing a button or utilizing your smart device. This is done by triggering a specific electronic relay in the intercom located at the entrance of your home, which will then transmit a signal to the locking mechanism signaling it needs to be unlocked.

System Communication

Room To Room Intercom System. In order to be able to either see or hear visitors on the opposite side of your door, intercom stations will work to transmit their voice and/or video image data either wired or wirelessly (note that wirelessly can only be done over a WiFi connection) from the base station to the other receiving intercom station.