Remote door lock commercial. For many years, companies placed bigger attention on data safety than real safety. But in 2021, a space-based company needs to turn attention to improving real safety also. As you get started on assessing and improving real safety for your space, your first step should be a safety assessment and real safety risk evaluation.

A safety integrator that is certified to perform your assessment and evaluation will conduct a detailed inspection of all the real safety elements of your structure. The goal is to uncover any strange gaps or failings in your company’s safety.

The list below will outline what the integrator might cover during your space safety assessment. This is the foundation of what you need to examine in order to keep your space safe from intruders, burglars, and others who would violate the safety of your site.

Natural Vantage Points

It all starts with your landscaping. Hedges and lawns aren’t just for aesthetics; they can also enhance or detract from your structure’s safety. The goal is to have natural barriers like hedges, while also being careful not to give thieves places to hide. obviously, cameras can be placed in methods that can monitor the areas behind your natural landscape barriers. Trim foliage around your location to 7’, and keep bushes at 36″ or lower. This is a thing you can do before your assessment takes place.

Perimeter Defense

Remote door lock commercial – Do you have adequate, easily visible signs and other notifications that show the distinctions between the public and private areas of your location? This can help cut down on the amount of traffic in prohibited areas or loitering around your company. Another part of territory reinforcement is illumination. Are your vehicle areas and other outdoor areas amply lit? Interior lamps are also key. Consider having certain interior lamps timed to come on after hours to stop folks from breaking in.

Smart Door Access

Remote door lock commercial – Obviously, signs and illumination only go so far toward safeguarding a location. A few folks will snub those methods altogether, and that’s why you need sophisticated smart door access. A smart door access system can run who is and isn’t able to enter your location. It can even give access during start-up hours while preventing access after-hours. It can talk directly with your intrusion detection system, and the findings of its data sets can be identified by the timestamps on your safety cameras.

In 2021, it just makes sense to consider smart door access for workers and other authorized occupants. workers can be given mobile credentials rather than keyfobs, which means they simply swipe their phones to enter – and you control whose credentials are active as folks are hired and terminated.

Location Upkeep

It might seem too simple – but having a clean, well-kept location is the key to keeping criminal activity at bay. A location that looks run down to passersby is one that intruders will feel more comfortable breaching, whether it’s sleeping that place at night or burglarizing on the weekends. By keeping up the appearance of your structure, vehicle areas, and landscaping, you can make big progress toward preventing trespassing and break-ins.

These are a few of the most key methods you can ascertain and improve the real safety of your space in 2021. To inquire about an assessment and evaluation of your company location, contact us today. We will be happy to schedule an appointment with you.

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