There’s no doubt about it: home security systems are a major consideration for homeowners because the security of their belongings and the safety of their families is vitally important. Many homeowners have furry family members to consider as well, making pet-friendly options a concern.

The differences between home security systems for people without pets and those for people who are pet owners are a subtle few. When investigating your security system options as a pet owner, you will need to think about how pets can impact your choice of system features; you will need to consider that home security features often include features such as video cameras and motion sensors, which are the two elements of security systems that often are the most helpful to pet owners.

The best pet-friendly home security systems are equipped with features that have adjustable sensitivity.  These security systems allow you to set the sensitivity level according to the physical characteristics of your pets (e.g. size and weight), as well as according to the activity habits of your pets (e.g. when they usually relieve themselves or when they take their meals). Taking into account things like security camera options and camera features, motion sensor sensitivity, and integration of smart home devices is important.

Home Security Cameras

If your pets are active inside your home while you are away, especially if not confined to a specific room or zone of the home, a security system with an indoor security camera is a key consideration. Having a camera will allow you to check on your pets when you are away via live streaming video that you can access via associated apps; some security cameras are equipped with a two-way audio feature as well, allowing both visual and audible safety checks. If your pets spend any time outdoors, you can choose to employ an outdoor camera for your security system. Home security cameras allow you to set up custom zones for you to monitor, watching your pets remotely via live video feeds sent to smartphones or other smart devices.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are another important consideration for a pet owner’s home security system. Some are designed with the ability to set a weight limit for detection; these are triggered to detect pets at or below a specific weight. Most pet-friendly motion sensors are “pet-immune” up to 40 pounds; so if you have pets weighing greater than this limit, you will need to find others that can be adjusted to have higher detection thresholds or systems equipped with glass break sensors rather than motion detectors. Home security systems with glass break sensors are finely tuned to sound: the detection of loud sounds such as glass shattering is detected, you are alerted. This security feature helps protect your home from a true invasion; and having this feature also will help prevent false alarms when your pets move through the home (which is especially good for pet owners who have monitored systems that charge extra fees for false alarms).

Other Pet-friendly Elements of Home Security Systems

While security cameras and motion sensors are the two main focuses of pet owners in the market for the most effective home security systems, there are a few other features that are worth consideration. These include home hazard monitoring devices like smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Having monitored home hazard devices is smart because they can trigger alarms for you and can send an alert to the monitoring company so they can contact first responders and request dispatch to your home. Pets sometimes fall victim to these hazards before other family members, so having these hazard monitoring devices in your home can mean the difference for them. Considering home security options with pet-friendly features will keep your homes safe for pet owners and their pets.

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Article written by: Erika Mehlhaff