Keyless home entry system. How many extra front door keys do you own at the moment? One? Two, in the event that you count the dirty one under the planter? No clue, because your youngsters keep losing them?

Extra keys aren’t just irritating to keep track of, though. They’re a safety hazard. Every key you give out decreases your control over who enters your house. With illegal entry now accounting for one-third of all burglaries, you should consider a smarter solution.

What causes the problem?

Keyless home entry system – Once an extra key is out of your hands, you can’t stop it from getting into the wrong hands. Even a trustworthy administrative key person, like your kid, can lose it. A shady administrative key person, meanwhile, could make a copy, return the original, and leave you none the wiser. And that ‘urgent’ key you cleverly hid by the front door? It’s easier to find than you think.

It’s no wonder that intelligent homeowners are eliminating this weak link in their house’s safety for good.

How does intelligent house safety protect you?

Our intelligent house safety technology can replace your keys with advanced hardware and proactive cloud technology. With an intelligent lock integrated into your intelligent safety system, you’ll have fun with a better digital door setting without sacrificing any convenience.

Protection 1: No more keys!

Keyless home entry system – An intelligent lock gives you many ways to unlock your door, none necessitating a key. You can open the lock with your cell app, or as part of an automated Scene, activated from your driveway. You can also use the lock’s keypad, which requires a four-digit user code.

These codes are easy to create and tailor-make, and you can set up different codes for different people: your spouse; your kids; trusted travelers. Unlike an extra key, you can remove a user code: you can set a code to run out after a given date (useful for contractors) or you can delete it manually anytime.

Protection 2: Alerts give you awareness

User codes also help you keep track of who’s opening your front entry. When someone uses their code, our instrumentation logs the event and can also generate a real-time contact that appears on your phone.

You can set up a contact for every time the door is unlocked, or for special users only, avoiding ‘contact overload’. As well as enhancing your safety, it’s a great way to keep tabs on important things like your kids arriving house safely after school.

Protection 3: Front door video verification

in the event that you want to really see who’s approaching and leaving, we can install a video doorbell alongside your intelligent lock. With motion-triggered recording, our doorbell camera can generate a video contact when the door is opened, or when a specific user enters their code.

It also has live video and two-way voice chat, letting you see and talk to whoever’s at your door. in the event that you prefer not to give a user code to a visitor, you can have them ring the doorbell instead, and let them in using the “unlock” icon on your app’s video chat screen.

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