As technology has changed over time, there have been advances in the world of security. Access control systems have developed so there is no longer the need for use of traditional keys, which are security risks due to the possibility of copies being made and distributed. Buildings are more secure today because of the technological advancements in security that have given rise to keyless entry systems.


Key card entry systems are one of the most popular keyless entry security systems in use today. The wallet-sized cards are extremely convenient to carry and manage; they are easier to use than traditional keys. Key card entry systems simply require a card to be inserted or swiped through a card reader installed on an access point to disengage the locking mechanism. 


Key cards are not universal. There are a variety of different cards available that use different technology for access control. But the basic principle is that all key cards are designed to transmit data via a card reader to a controller database; if the data matches the credentials in the database, the access point is unlocked remotely and the cardholder is granted entry. While all key cards operate similarly, they can work differently depending on the type of technology used.


The most commonly discussed types of key cards are RFID cards and magnetic strip cards. RFID cards are used for “radio frequency identification” with embedded microchips that are electronically coded to store security credentials. They use radio frequency waves to read and transfer data, so they don’t need to be swiped nor inserted into a card reader. Magnetic strip cards are another oft used key card version. These cards feature a magnetic strip that must be swiped through a card reader to transfer the stored security credentials. Often simply called swipe cards, they can store more data than other types of key cards and can be reprogrammed as needed.

Key card entry systems offer flexibility when it comes to access control. They are an excellent option for use within a building for multiple-door access. The can be programmed to restrict access according to time or security level as well. If you are interested in learning more about key card entry systems, your best bet is to contact a professional security company, like Dyezz Surveillance and Security. Based in Austin, Texas, Dyezz Surveillance and Security has been offering security and surveillance system installation and monitoring services to business owners and homeowners for close to two decades. The team of skilled security experts have implemented a variety of effective security solutions for customers across the state of Texas and are ready to help you. They can answer your security-related questions, whether you need a new security system or an update to an existing one, and can work with you to create a plan that addresses all your security needs. For a free quote or to learn more about how the capable team at Dyezz Surveillance and Security can help you, contact them today.