Key Card Door Entry Systems. Being able to control access to your building is perhaps one of the most critical aspects of security, both residential and commercial. Security cameras are always a great tool to utilize for this; however, these can only get you so far. You will eventually need some kind of access control system that will both lock and unlock all of your doors whenever someone needs to get in and out of the building. This is where a key card door entry system is important to consider.

This type of entry system is an essential part of both access control and security for many residential and commercial buildings.

Here are three of the most useful types of key card door entry systems.

*First and foremost, perhaps one of the most useful types of key card door entry systems is the key fob entry system. This system is designed to use a small plastic RFID keychain in order to enable users to present the fob itself as a form of credential to the fob reader. The reader is connected to a control panel, which is programmed to help officially authenticate the user of the system.

*Another of the most useful types of key card door entry systems is the key fob door lock system. This is a form of all-in-one reader that is built into an actual door lock and also allows for access control in those areas where it is otherwise difficult to run cables to a more central control panel.

*Key Card Door Entry Systems. One other useful type of key card door entry system is the aforementioned key card entry system. Similar in nature to a key fob entry system, there are a few notable differences. One is that the key card itself can be transformed into an identification badge that is also able to be used for a visual form of identification, as well as electronic authentication. Additionally, the cards themselves are also able to be either scanned or swiped as opposed to being used as proximity readers.