Intelligent fire alarm systems – Regardless of whether you will be upgrading your building’s current fire alarm systems or if you will be installing new ones, it’s always important to come to a basic understanding of the different types of commercial fire alarm systems that are available to choose from before making any kind of a final decision, especially since there are many different factors that you will need to make yourself aware of before you make your final choice regarding the fire alarm system that you believe will be the perfect fit for your building and your business.

In terms of the alarms themselves, there are two very distinct types that you can have installed. The first is an automatic one, which will send an audio-visual alert throughout the entire building whenever smoke or heat is detected. The second is a manual one, which features pull stations throughout the entirety of the building itself, and in the event a fire is either smelled or seen, the lever can be pulled in order for the alarm to be triggered.

Here are the three types of commercial fire alarm systems to make note of when it comes to choosing the right one for your business.

*One type of commercial fire alarm system is the addressable fire alarm, which is also commonly referred to as an intelligent system due to the fact that they monitor the fire alarms located throughout a building. This type of alarm will enable to you choose between an automatic and manual alarm. Additionally, every alarm that is installed in this system contains its own address, meaning that you will be able to see exactly which alarm is working and which one isn’t. In terms of cost, this alarm is considered to be the most expensive thanks in large part to the various monitoring features.

*Another type of commercial fire alarm system is the hybrid fire alarm, which combines together conventional fire alarms with addressable fire alarms into a single entity. Thanks to the technology that is offered in this specific alarm, the settings that are offered are said to be of a much better fit than either a conventional or addressable fire alarm system.

*One other type of commercial fire alarm system is the conventional fire alarm, which includes a multitude of different areas that are hardwired to the central control panel of the building that houses your business. As a result, these systems will enable you to place separate fire alarms in every section of the building. Furthermore, they will also help to monitor each location as well in the event an alarm were to somehow break or malfunction in any way.

No matter the specific type of alarm that you decide to go with for your final choice, it’s always a good idea to not only select the one that’s the right fit for your building and your business, but also take all the time you need to research all of the information that you need prior to making any kind of an informed decision.

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