Installing Security Cameras Outside Home​The coronavirus spread and COVID-19 pandemic have led to the growth of online shopping and home deliveries. With increased home deliveries of ordered products, more opportunities for theft have developed. Package thieves, more commonly referred to today as “porch pirates,” are thriving more now than ever.

Package thieves target homes that are in neighborhoods that receive a lot of deliveries. They strike in broad daylight and disappear, taking advantage of online shoppers, many of whom are away from the home during the day. But even now, as more people are spending more time at home, these porch pirates are still active, taking advantage of the residents’ focused attention inside the home on telework or remote schooling. If you are concerned about the possibility of package theft, you should consider enhancing your home security system in the interest of the deterrence of such crooks. 

Home security systems have come a very long way in terms of technological advancements that can help keep you and your family safe. They have also allowed homeowners to keep their possessions secure, even down to delivered parcels. The most frequently helpful home security feature for the protection of packages is a motion-activated or doorbell-activated front door surveillance camera—you can have a surveillance camera installed as an option with most home security systems today, or you can add one to an existing security system. Most home security cameras serve to deter potential thieves who realize that they might be seen by a home security monitoring company or by residents with computer or mobile device apps linked to the camera. They also remind thieves to think twice because of the fact that thieves are usually being recorded in high-definition; and knowing that these cameras capture real-time video footage of porch pirates increases the likelihood that a thief will move on to a less secure target, leaving your delivered packages safely at your door.

Installing Security Cameras Outside Home. Having a surveillance camera installed as part of your home security system allows for package delivery alerts via an associated smartphone app, email, phone call or text—or a combination of any of those notification methods. Further, through the use of cloud technology, video footage from front door surveillance cameras can be recorded and stored in the cloud and sent digitally to homeowners. With a home security system that includes a front door surveillance camera, you and your family will be protected from unwanted visitors at your home like burglars; and your packages will be better secured as well. Having the added peace of mind that comes with installing a security camera is worth the investment.

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Article written by: Erika Mehlhaff