Improve Access Control Austin. Regardless of whether or not your building has utilized the same access control system for years, the chances are great that you may be considering implementing a change. Now may be the perfect time to evaluate your current access control system and procedures and make it an integral part of your overall security plan.

Here are three useful tips that will help you with improving access control.

*First and foremost, perhaps one of the most useful tips to help improve access control is to perform periodic systems testing. This means that you should make sure to take the time to test your access control system and make sure that all devices are functioning as expected. Be sure to pay close attention to your perimeter door alarms. Generally, you will want to perform testing on a monthly to quarterly basis, which will be the only way to know for sure if everything is functioning properly.

*Another tip to help improve access control is to update your technology. According to experts, 125 kilohertz technology is something that shouldn’t be used, and if it is, this is something that should be upgraded since it can easily be compromised and the cards used in the proximity readers related with this technology are able to be replicated. Instead, managers and business owners will need to look at installing technology that is encrypted, making plans to budget for a system upgrade approximately every ten years.

*Improve Access Control Austin. One other tip to help improve access control is to audit who has access. For stricter control regarding who enters and exits a building, as well as where, experts recommend having individuals swipe a card in order to help track if, where, and when they are in the building. Furthermore, if they fail to exit through the correct door, they can be denied access if they attempt to enter again.