How to find out who broke into your house. It’s something that tops many of our list of fears. You come house to find a busted pane, or a door ajar and immediately notice valuables missing. If you have the misfortune of your house being busted into and burglarized, your mind will begin to race, and many new fears may come into play. What did they take? Are they still in your house? Will they return?

How to find out who broke into your house – A house burglary is an intimate incident that can leave the victim feeling vulnerable and exposed. It is very vital to take these steps in the moments following a burglary to help regain a sense of safety and comfort.

  • Dial the authorities. Once safe, dial 911 to statement the incident and have the authorities sent to your location to file a statement. It is vital to tell the operator your location during the time of the burglary, as it can denote the gravity of the incident. A burglary when no one is at the house is identified as a burglary, whereas a burglary with people in the house is a robbery or house breach. This will help inform the authorities’ response.

  • Take inventory of missing products. Wait until the authorities arrive to do a complete assessment of your house to ensure the evildoer is no longer on your premises. It is recommended that you first search for any products that could be harmful, such as weapons or medication. Next, search for your high-value products such as jewels and high-end tech. Any bills or serial numbers you have for these products will be very helpful for both authorities’ reports and insurance notes.

  • Dial the insurance company. Once the authorities have filed a statement, dial your insurance company. To file a robbery or burglary statement, the insurance company will need the authorities’ statement, so this step should be done after the authorities have surveyed the scene. That being said, the quicker you can file the statement, the better. If done within 48 hours of the incident and with solid documentation, there is a strong chance you can reclaim much of the value of your stolen products.

  • Clean up from the burglary. A burglary can leave you feeling vulnerable, but the cleaning and repairing of your house can be a vital step in the healing procedure. Find the point-of-entry for the evildoer and address that first; whether it’s fixing a busted pane or re-keying your locks. Reassess your house’s general safety measures to help prevent a future burglary.

How to find out who broke into your house – The moments tailing a burglary are crazy, but the steps your take are crucial to help minimize your loss and help to rebuild your confidence. While we never demand these crimes to happen to us, knowing what to do in this situation and how to prevent it from happening altogether can help us move on.

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