Home Systems Protection. Statistics from Alarm System Report state that approximately over 2 million home burglaries are reported every year in the United States of America. Additionally, a home is burglarized in the United States every 13 seconds on average. This equates to about four burglaries per minute, 240 burglaries per hour, and approximately 6,000 burglaries per day.
This means that homeowners and renters alike should always keep these facts in mind in terms of protecting themselves, their families, and their belongings. Perhaps one of the most popular home burglary deterrents is home systems protection, which has been shown to have a great effect in regards to whether or not a home burglary will actually be successful.
Approximately 14% of residents in the United States actually have some type of home security system installed. However, with crime rates on the rise, especially in metropolitan cities, now may be the perfect time to determine if investing in one of these systems is the right thing for you to do.
Perhaps the biggest issue for those who may be considering investing in a home security system is the cost, as this typically includes a monthly bill and any other initial installation products and fees. While you may not believe that the cost is truly worth covering all of the risks associated with a burglary, there are many different reasons that prove otherwise.
For instance, not only will you be protecting your home with one of these systems, but you can also customize your security options to receive messages in regards to the overall status of your home whenever you’re away. Additionally, the company that is monitoring your home will also be able to alert the police in the event that there is a burglary. As a result, you will be able to provide your home with a more complete security package thanks to the fact that there will be someone safeguarding your home just as much as you are.
Additionally, many home security packages also come complete with fire and smoke detection. Regardless of whatever it is that may cause one or both of these issues, it’s always important to have an alarm monitoring system that will be able to report the fire as quickly as possible.
In terms of the overall cost of home security systems, these can actually vary when it comes to the different contracts and monthly fees that are involved. When it comes to how you end up looking at costs versus savings, a home security system may or may not end up being a good investment for your home.
Monthly fees for home security systems themselves can vary, as previously mentioned; however, the most basic home security system will end up costing you much less than what the average burglary would end up otherwise costing you. Furthermore, depending on the specific type of policy that you have, your homeowners insurance could also end up getting decreased by up to 20% simply because you’ve made the decision to install a home security system. Additionally, this type of system could end up being less of an expense when you think about all the possible savings that are included. Compared to the $1,725 average loss of a burglary per year. 
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