While you aren’t likely to see many young adults posed in back-to-school photos on their moms’ social media, college students also have started classes again for this school year.  Many young adults attend college away from home and have returned to dorms and apartments, even as the novel coronavirus pandemic lingers and threatens to shut down in-person learning opportunities. College students now must pay closer attention to their personal health and well-being, so security might not be on their radar; but it needs to be. College and university communities are not free from real-world security threats, so knowing how to protect oneself and keep belongings safe is vitally important, whether living in a college dorm on campus or in an off-campus apartment.

College students should be aware of dorm room and apartment security precautions and protocols, but also learn about the variety of security products available to them, especially when it comes to protecting themselves and decreasing their status as targets for those who might try to assault or otherwise harm them. Numerous products are available for increasing your personal safety and can be employed easily and inexpensively. Read on for the first part of this two-part series about types of products that can help you stay safe when you move to a dorm or an apartment. 

Personal Safety Devices

Your personal safety is the most important thing to consider when you move into your dorm or apartment. To that end, it would be wise to investigate which personal safety devices could be of the most use to you. Some examples of protection devices you can use are the well-known safety whistle, popular pepper spray, and even pocket-sized stun guns. Other promising products to explore are self-defense key chains with high-decibel alarms, car emergency tools with glass breakers and seatbelt cutters, and smart watches and jewelry with GPS tracking and automatic texting to trusted agents when activated. These types of products are especially valuable to you for being safe when walking alone, attending events with unfamiliar participants, and using rideshare services.

Door and Window Alarms

You can protect yourself further by adding door and window alarms to your dorm or apartment security plan. Door and window alarms are customarily part of a dorm room or apartment alarm system that is furnished by the college or university itself or by the apartment owner/management company; but if such a system is not provided, you can purchase them yourself as stand-alone products. These alarms are triggered when a door or window opens; their sensors can be set to chime for simple notification of entry or exit, or to sound a loud alarm to indicate the presence of an unwelcome intruder. Available at various price points, door and window alarms are an easy-to-install addition to increase the security of your premises. They help to keep would-be attackers out by scaring them away; further, when they alert you, it gives you extra time to escape the threat. Door and window alarms are key to providing you with greater peace of mind.

These personal safety tools are excellent things to consider as the academic year begins. But what about security measures for protecting your valuables and belongings? Part two of this series will address just that.

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Article written by: Erika Mehlhaff