The Upsides of a Glassbreak Detector in your Rosedale House

Home security Rosedale. Installing a safety system with glass shatter detectors in the Rosedale neighborhood can be one of the smartest ways to protect your house or business from crime. To provide this protection, your security system will employ a range of devices that are placed strategically to either act as a deterrent and/or set off a security system when an intruder tries to shatter-in.

In this post, we are going to take a closer look at glass shatter detectors and how they can protect homes and businesses.

What Exactly Is A Glass shatter detector?

A glass shatter detector is a safety gadget that detects the sound of shattering glass. When the detector “hears” glass shattering it can provide a response like an audible security system or it can send a notification to a safety monitoring station.

How Do Glass shatter detectors Work?

Entry and window detectors work by having two sections of a detector that are near together when the entry or window is shut. When the entry or window opens, it moves the two sections of the detector apart and this triggers the security system.

Home security Rosedale – Glass shatter detectors are devices that can add an extra layer of protection and guard against criminals that would shatter a window or glass entry to gain entry. Glass shatter detectors integrate with window and entry detectors to detect sound or vibration involved with glass smashing to set off a security system.

The Upsides of Having Glass Shatter Detectors

A glass breakage detector adds another layer of protection to your safety system. entry and window detectors are important, but a criminal could bypass them by shattering the glass in a window. Motion detectors are also great, but they won’t detect an intruder until they have already entered the house.

Another nice feature of glass shatter detectors is that you can cover a lot of area with one detector. A great glass shatter security system can easily cover all of the windows in one room. Depending on the conditions, the range of a glass shatter detector can provide protection for a radius of 20 ft or more.

Glass shatter Detector Features to Look for

Home security Rosedale – While window shatter detectors can be great for enhancing the protection you get from a safety system, there are several options. Some detectors might not perform as well as others and there are some that may have issues with triggering false alarms.

If you are going to install a broken window security system at your house or business, you should consider the following factors:

  • Scope: The detection of the glass shatter detector range is an important consideration. The larger the detection radius, the more area you will be able to cover with one detector.

  • Sensitivity: Some glass shatter events are loud and others are not. You want to know that your glass detectors can detect shattering glass even when the potential intruder takes measures to reduce audio.

  • Signaling: A great glass detector should have an indicator for tampering. If it is a wifi detector, it should also have indicators for low-battery and link quality.

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