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Choosing a home security system requires homeowners to research different system options and the components that will allow the greatest level of effectiveness. One of the most critical components to have in any home security system is security lighting. Security lighting is an important element of a home security system because it reduces the potential threat of criminal activity. It increases home security in various ways, depending on where and how it is used. Security lighting options vary, so it’s a good idea to investigate several to find what will best meet a homeowner’s specific security needs.

Security lighting installed to illuminate a home’s exterior can increase safety by decreasing the number of dark areas around the home where intruders might hide. The type of security lighting most people explore first is one of the most inexpensive and effective options available: outdoor security lighting with motion detection. Motion-activated lighting is used to deter trespassers or intruders by catching them off their guard and drawing attention to potential criminal activity. It is also helpful to residents who come and go from the home between dusk and dawn, because it provides peace of mind by illuminating entry/exit points so they can assess their surroundings as they depart from or enter the home. This type of security lighting is a particularly common component of home security systems because it is energy efficient and cost efficient, convenient, and an effective first line of defense against trespassers or intruders.

Outdoor security lighting with motion detection is the lighting option that most people consider immediately when looking for a home security system, but there are other options as well. Another type of outdoor lighting that can be used is static illumination (i.e. invariable, constant lighting). Regularly installed along the outermost perimeter of a property, such as along fences and driveways, it often consists of solar-powered floodlights. This lighting option is also frequently used closer to the home itself, such as along sidewalks or garden beds, in the form of path lights and accent lights. When used close to the home, static outdoor lighting adds another level of security while highlighting the landscape design.

Another effective security lighting solution is the use of timed lighting combined with smart lighting. Some outdoor lighting can be set with timers, though timers are best utilized for interior security lighting. Timed lighting uses hardware that can be a plug-in adapter or be integrated into a home security system; plug-in light timers are usually used with things like floor lamps and night lights inside the home, while timers integrated into a professionally installed home security system can control any lighting in the home. Timed lighting operates on a predictable schedule; and smart lighting is flexible and allows settings that more accurately reflect the way residents use lights in the home.

Security lighting makes every home safer. If you are interested in a home security system with lighting solutions, Dyezz Surveillance and Security is the Austin, Texas-based company to contact! Reach out to the team of security experts by visiting them online, or by calling 800-370-2762.

​Article written by: Erika Mehlhaff