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Here are three great things to consider doing in the city of Austin.

*First and foremost, one great thing to consider doing in the city of Austin is checking out Austin Duck Adventures. This is considered to be one of the first tours to show all visitors around town, as well as the only land and water tour that’s available. The tour itself begins at the Austin Visitor Center, then drives along Sixth Street and up Congress, where you will be able to take in some amazing views of the Texas Capitol building. From there, you will move on to Lake Austin, where you will head straight into the water and float for a while before then heading back to the Austin Visitor Center.

*Another great thing to consider doing in the city of Austin is visiting Magic’s Theater. This location offers a full-sized auditorium magic show each and every Saturday night, as well as a close-up magic show every Friday night. Additionally, it also doubles as a magic museum, as it features pieces from the collection of the legendary and popular magician Harry Houdini. A snack bar is also available for patrons to enjoy as well.

*One other great thing to consider doing in the city of Austin is visiting Barton Springs Pool. This location is considered to be perhaps one of the more popular tourist activities in the entire city, as it offers a natural water hole that always remains at 68 degrees throughout the entire year, no matter how hot or cool it may get outdoors.



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