Home safety while on vacation. It can be hard to relax on vacation when your house is unoccupied. Peace of mind is at hand, thanks to intelligent house safety with Dyezz safety.

You won’t worry that you left the front door unlocked, or the garage wide open. It won’t matter in the event that the neighbor you entrusted with pet-feeding duties loses their key. in the event that your house-alone kid is planning the party of the year, you’ll know about it.

That’s because our system proactively protects your house and keeps you aware of what’s occurring, giving you a more relaxing vacation from start to finish. Here’s how.

Make A Smoother Getaway

Home safety while on vacation – With Dyezz safety’s system, preparing your house for a vacation is a cinch. intelligent lighting schedules will make your house look realistically occupied when you’re away. You can set your lights to come on at sunset, or at a slightly randomized time every evening for extra realness.

There’s no need to get a spare key for your pet-sitter. Simply create a transitory user code for them to unlock your front door’s intelligent lock and disarm your safety system. For additional peace of mind, set up a cell contact that tells you when they come and go.

No More Panics on the Road

Ever been 100 miles from the house and wondered in the event that you left the door open? With the Geo-Services feature, you’ll never need to worry about this ever.

Home safety while on vacation – Geo-Services sends a contact to your cell in the event that you leave the house without securing it correctly. When you get the contact, all you need to do is tap a panel to secure your door or arm your safety system. You’ll never need to turn around ever.

Leave the detecting to the Pros

There are many types of connected video cameras that let you monitor your house for problems when you’re away. This doesn’t necessarily help you switch off and relax.

Our video solutions give you a better experience: 24-7 professional safety detecting. In the event that there’s a break-in or urgent, trained safety personnel will contact local urgent services. You can still check your video cameras anytime, but you can also switch off and relax. Someone will respond in the event that there’s a flame, even in the event that you’re not detecting your phone.

Give Teens Some (Managed) Space

Home safety while on vacation. Our system helps you keep tabs on teens without spoiling their independence. Real-time alerts make it especially easy to detect in the event that anything is amiss from a distance.

Add video detecting to the mix and you can also see what’s occurring at the house. That means less checking in (happier teens) and peace of mind for you until you return.

So relax – and have fun with your vacation!

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