Home Safety Assessment. It is human nature to protect that which you value. Because the people and things you value and love most are under your roof, always or often, protecting your home is a high priority. Safeguarding your home against intruders and other threats cannot be taken lightly. That is why it is so important to perform a home security risk assessment when you are in the market for a home security system.

A risk assessment identifies areas in and around your home that are vulnerable to security threats. Such an assessment is essential for identifying physical security weaknesses that could make your home an easy target for criminals. You should complete a thorough risk assessment before choosing a home security system; it will help you to determine the type of security system that will serve you and your family the best.

Carrying out a risk assessment allows you to make a holistic assessment of vulnerabilities from the perspective of a criminal. It helps you to make informed decisions about the elements of a home security system that will meet your needs and keep your most valued investments—family and important belongings—as safe as possible.

Factors such as the size of your home and property, budget, and security resources available are considered when completing a home security risk assessment. After careful evaluation and assessment, you will be able to determine how to effectively and efficiently use the security resources and tools in a specific system to mitigate risk and decrease the threat of criminal activity.

Crime prevention is the focused goal of installing a home security system. Employing them to minimize threats and vulnerabilities is the best way to maintain your home as a safe place. Physical security measures for your home and property are varied but can include gating, locks, motion sensors, lighting, cameras, and alarms.

Gates are a useful security element for deterring criminals from accessing your property. Gates can be accessed in a variety of ways, from security personnel (i.e. gate guards) to key-coded systems to remote access systems. 

Locks can be used in other places besides your property gates, of course. Professionally installed, quality locks are key for securing doors and windows. These include traditional key locks, slide locks, deadbolts, electronic keypad locks, and smart locks with remote smart device controls.

Motion sensors are a simple security system addition. They can be used to trigger lighting—their most common use—or to send a notification to any associated smart device. Motion sensors can also signal your security monitoring company in some cases, so local authorities can be alerted to possible trespassing or home intrusions.

Security lighting often works in concert with motion sensors, as mentioned. It can be strategically installed to illuminate the darkest areas of your property, to increase visibility, and remove possible hiding places for criminals who might otherwise target your home.

Security cameras are another home security element that is useful for discouraging criminals from targeting your home. High-quality security cameras can record activity, as well as allow for you to monitor your property and specific spots in and around your home via live streaming on televisions or smart device screens. The video feed can also be monitored by your professional monitoring company.

Alarms are generally considered the most significant element of a home security system. Effective security alarms employ loud alerts that draw attention to intruders from neighbors and scare the intruders, so they flee in fear of being apprehended.

Home Safety Assessment. A home security system enhances the safety of your home and property most effectively when varied layers of protection are included. Combing several of these security elements is extremely important for providing the greatest level of safety possible.

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Article written by: Erika Mehlhaff