When it comes to home security, many people oftentimes immediately think of options such as smart door locks, surveillance cameras, motion sensors, and so much more, all of which are typically designed to protect a home from the exterior. Unfortunately, this means that factors such as fire damage can end up getting overlooked. It’s important to keep in mind that keeping the interior of your home protected with home fire alarm systems is just as essential as keeping the exterior of your home protected.

According to the NFPA, which stands for the National Fire Protection Association, approximately 354,000 house fires occur every year in the United States, a majority of which are able to be prevented. One of the most effective ways to do this is to install a smart fire alarm in your home.

Here are four of the most useful benefits of having a smart fire alarm installed in your home.

*First and foremost, a smart fire alarm is a type of alarm that offers monitoring on a 24/7 basis, as this is an alarm that is able to be paired with a home security system. A smart fire alarm is always working no matter what, even if you don’t have your home security system turned on at the same time. This means that the professional monitoring team responsible for overseeing your smart fire alarm will always be keeping an eye out for any and all triggers of the smart smoke detector, essentially providing you with a secondary team that will help to keep your home safe at all times.

*Another useful benefit regarding having a smart fire alarm installed in your home involves being able to utilize a wireless connection. This essentially helps to make the entire process much more convenient, as the alarm will be able to connect to many other types of smart devices that you have in your home, and even better, the alarm itself will also be able to easily pair with your phone, meaning that in the event you need to leave your home for any reason, you will still be able to keep an eye on your home and ensure that everything is safe.

*One other great benefit when it comes to having a smart fire alarm installed in your home involves being able to have remote access to the system itself. Many of these alarms come with a special mobile app that you can install on your phone, which allows you to be able to literally control the alarm right from the palm of your hand. For instance, this means that in the event someone were to accidentally start a small fire on your stove while they were cooking, which would cause the alarm to go off, you would be able to launch the mobile app and easily shut the alarm off.

*Another great benefit in regards to having a smart fire alarm installed in your home involves battery life. As opposed to non-smart fire alarms, which have battery lives of approximately one year before they end up needing to be replaced, smart fire alarms are designed to use a lesser amount of energy over an extended period of time. As a result, the total amount of battery life ends up averaging between three years and five years.

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