Home and office security systems. Criminals find more and more sophisticated ways to violate your privacy and cause some damage to your residential or company property and resources. That is why the importance and popularity of security setups are on the rise.

Whether you are planning to upgrade your house security or improve your company security by installing the newest range of solutions, it is necessary to know how security setups work and the differences between both of these types.

To help you with this critical question, we’re going to name some similarities and differences between house and company security sectors.

What Are House and Company Security Setups?

A residential or house security setup is designed to protect their owner’s property. There are two main goals:

  • To prevent a thief from entering the property

  • To alert the local authorities of any attempt to enter your house

Thus, the house security setup acts not only as defensive but as well as a preventive measure. Any decent house security setup would include window sensors, door monitoring, smart door locks, surveillance cameras, and sometimes professional monitoring. house security setups may cover some specific tasks, for example, watch a pet or a baby.

Home and office security systems – Commercial or company security setup has the same purpose. Such a setup is meant to protect the property and the valuables inside. So, the commercial sector actively uses similar devices and solutions such as intruder monitoring, window and door sensors, surveillance cameras, and remote monitoring.

At the same time just like house setups, company setups may need to do some specific tasks such as monitoring employee’s temperature and controlling health regulations compliance. Nevertheless, even though the goals of these setups are similar, the actual service is not.

How Do House and Company Security Setups Differ?

Price and setup

House security setups are not only cheaper, but they are also much easier to install compared to company setups. Some of the security solutions, used in the housing sector, can be set up without any professional help.

Company setups are far more complicated and usually include more sensors, locks, surveillance cameras as commercial buildings tend to have more area to cover. It is impossible to avoid professional help. As a result, the commercial setup turns out to be considerably more costly.

Monitoring Cost

Home and office security systems – Remote monitoring is an appealing feature for both the residential and commercial sectors. house security service can be monitored by several dedicated users from their mobile devices, whereas a commercial service may demand full-time employees to watch the footage online.

Security Laws

There is a range of legislation all businesses have to comply with. These laws and standards protect the interests of customers and employees against some criminal activity, theft, and blaze. Generally speaking, company security laws are stricter than residential ones.

House vs Company Surveillance Setups

As we have mentioned before, company setups are far more complex than house ones due to a number of reasons. To begin with, commercial premises are mostly located in high-traffic areas. Hence, they are much more attractive to criminals than residential premises.

Consequently, commercial surveillance camera setups have to be more advanced in order to guarantee overall safety. Such setups usually have more surveillance cameras and extra features.

However, company surveillance setups require much more work and preparation during setup. Technology has significantly evolved, and now you can connect cameras to a number of other devices, for example, sensors, smart surveillance doorbells, monitoring setups, etc.

It takes knowledge and experience to design and set up such setups. Besides, a professional installer is skillful enough to handle the entire wiring setup and to understand the unique cabling requirements of your property.

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