Halloween security Austin Texas – October 31 is known as a night for costumes and candy, but Halloween night is also known for mischief. Property crime rates are often higher on this night than any other during the year, with an increase in vandalism, theft, and burglary; Halloween mischief leads to an increase in claims and property damage for homeowners. The peak in property crimes has been noted in by home insurance companies like Travelers, which noted a 26% increase in homeowners claims due to Halloween crime in 2018. But there are things homeowners can do to make sure their homes are secure on Halloween. Read on for some basic tips that will help keep your home safe this year.


If you will be receiving trick-or-treaters, keeping your porch light on is standard. But keeping other lights on around your property and inside your home is also important. Lights deter criminals like burglars from targeting your home. Exterior lighting (with motion sensors!) helps eliminate dark corners and shadows around your home where criminals could otherwise hide. And interior lighting suggests that someone is home (even if you have stepped out for your own Halloween fun). If your home is dark on Halloween night, it’s like an open invitation to trespassers.


Criminals know that homeowners focus on the costumed visitors that come to the front door on Halloween night; so, if you want to outsmart them, make sure you remember the basics: lock all your other doors and windows. Use of the built-in locking mechanism is a start, but the level of safety can be improved quickly and easily by adding things like window pin locks, reinforced door hardware, and window/door alarms that sound an alert when one opens or closes. Securing all unused entry points while you hand out candy at the front door is another layer of protection you can build. 


Finally, you should ensure that your home security cameras are working and located properly to capture a clear, unobstructed view of the area around your home. Making sure your cameras are on while you distribute Halloween candy is a good idea because it provides “back-up” security as you are distracted throughout the evening. If you have plans that will take you away from your home on Halloween night, your cameras are even more important to use in conjunction with your professionally monitored home security system. (Be sure to lock your front door and secure your garage doors before you leave, too.)

Halloween Security Austin Texas – While you will want your home to be safe and secure throughout the year, it’s worth taking extra precautions on Halloween night. The professional team of security experts at Dyezz Surveillance and Security, based in Austin, Texas, is ready to assist you with your home security needs. The experienced and knowledgeable specialists at Dyezz can provide the security guidance you need. For information about how to make your home safer, contact Dyezz Surveillance and Security via their website or by phone at 1-800-370-2762 or in Austin at 512-331-2788.